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For the past nineteen years, Mr. Childress has been an instructor in the Chinese martial arts of tai chi chuan, including the Yang, Chen and Wu styles, and numerous styles of kung-fu, including Shaolin and Northern Style Praying Mantis. He has also taught chi kung (QiGong), which promotes good health and cultivates the chi, as well as Ta Lu and Push-hands. The latter two are two-person exercises that apply the fighting techniques of tai chi chuan.

His first tai chi chuan teacher, Lawrence Galante, was one of the original U.S. students of Cheng Man-ching, who is responsible for popularizing the art form in the United States. The author learned the Yang style from Master Galante, including empty-hand forms and weapon forms, as well as kung-fu. He studied the Chen style under the guidance of Chen Xiaowang during Master Chen's first teaching engagement in the United States. Master Chen is a 19th generation descendant of the Chen family, who originated this style. Mr. Childress studied the Wu style with Keith Tong, whose father, Tong Kwan Tak, was a disciple of Wu Kong-yi, a direct descendent of the Wu family. Master Tong also taught Mr. Childress qigong, Ta Lu and Push-hands. Mr. Childress also studied with Chang Ki Chan, who taught the Yang form as a foundation for another internal martial art style, Liu Ho Ba Fa.

Mr. Childress is currently teaching tai chi chuan and qigong at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan and is engaged in private instruction in New York City, where he and his family make their home. He has also in recent years taught in a corporate setting at KeySpan Corporation.

Mr. Childress is a free lance writer with published works covering finance, energy and creative works as well. He also serves as a director of investor relations at a Fortune 500 company, where he directs the company's communications with Wall Street. In the comics industry, he was one of the creators of the Defiant Universe and wrote The Good Guys monthly book. He has been a contributing journalist for Overstreet Comic Book Monthly and Comics Critics Cavalcade.
Mr. Childress has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Labor Relations from the State University of New York's Center for Labor Studies, and Certificates in Industrial Labor Relations and Real Estate Finance from Cornell University and New York University, respectively.

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